Chiang Mai, a city on route to being granted international ‘Creative City’ status, is a city of cultural and creative abundance. The FEST MASTER team (the creator of Chiang Mai Jazz Festival) is proud to add to this abundance by hosting Chiang Mai Jazz Festival.

Being musicians themselves, the FEST MASTER team recognizes the real value of international musicians in our community, and wishes to strengthen the local arts community in partnerships which increase the appreciation of music.

For the past few years international artists have initiated substantial changes in the local music scene, and have contributed substantially to the vibrant Chiang Mai community. As deep appreciators of music, we, the FEST MASTER team, realize the importance of encouraging our fellow international musicians to express their love of music within our community. Our wish is to ensure that international artists feel welcomed, and that their talent will always be heard and appreciated. In the future, we wish also to show our support of local expat musicians by inviting them to demonstrate their skills on the stage and, if they so wish, to volunteer to present workshops to the community.

FEST MASTER team wishes to provide extensive opportunities for our ‘home-grown’ artists. A hope to help aid the transformation and nurturing of their talent, through strengthening links with diverse international communities. Providing opportunities for collaboration and exchanging of ideas with musicians around the world. In turn yet another step in the right direction for Chiang Mai to be internationally recognized as a creative city, and a creative hub for performers.

FEST MASTER team is passionate about bringing the community together through music. We wish to connect, transform and nurture artists and audiences through the joy, passion and power of music. We wish to provide a yearly festival, which, through quality of music, performance, and venue, becomes a national and internationally recognized festival. A destination event of world class music.



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