By Plane:

Both Bangkok Air and Air Asia fly direct from Phuket to Chiang Mai. Flight time is approximately 2 hours. Upon arrival you will likely have taxi touts approach you. You can either go through them or via the counter desks. Taxi meter is the usual mode of transport from the airport into town. (Approximately 120 baht).

By Train:

By Train (& Bus.Combined trip): If wishing to travel by road, one comfortable way is via a combined bus and train trip. An air-conditioned bus from Phuket Bus Station to SuratThani will take around 4-6 hours. From SuratThani you can take the train direct to Chiang Mai. The combined bus and train fare will be approximately 1,600 baht (1st class sleeper) or 1000 baht (2nd class sleeper).

By Bus:

By Bus: There is a main bus terminal from Phuket town to Bangkok. Although Phuket is an island – there is a bridge that connects them to the mainland. The bus ride is approximately 12 hours (Phuket to Bangkok). Prices vary depending on time of day and class of service, the most expensive ticket around approximately 1200 baht (VIP). From Bangkok you can there are hourly bus services to Chiang Mai. They vary in comfort from budget to VIP, and the journey takes approximately 10 hours. Upon arrival in Chiang Mai you will depart at Arcade Bus Station which is located approximately 3km from the city centre. Be pre-warned that as soon as you depart the bus, you will be bombarded by drivers looking for business. You can either negotiate a price with one of these Tuk-Tuk drivers (approximately 100 Baht) or walk past them and find a red Songtaew (price approximately 50 baht, but you will have to wait until the songtaew is full of passengers before leaving).